Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Online Movie Recommendation 21

This week's move recommendation is a tribute to the late Dr. Robert Bussard.

Google has said that they want to do for renewable energy what they did for search engines. Winds of Change suggests that means its time to short Google stock, because they are throwing money and brainpower at technologies which have already seen a lot of work and therefore are unlikely to have any undiscovered "low hanging fruit" that would allow a quick breakthrough. I agree in general, but there is a renewable energy technology that has the potential for a revolutionary breakthrough with the sort of resources Google could bring to bear. And they ought to know about it because Dr. Bussard explained it to them:


It's a shame that they are throwing more money at wind power instead of inertial electrostatic confinement fusion.

Warning: This talk is more technical than my usual recommendations, but you don't need to understand the nuclear engineering to grasp the potential of what Dr. Bussard is talking about.

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