Monday, September 17, 2007


Conservatives Failing to Follow Fashion

There has been a new psychology study (hattip: Slate) that demonstrates Liberals are able to change their behavior more quickly than Conservatives when they are instructed to. Liberal news media are claiming that this study demonstrates Liberals are better judges of facts than Conservatives are because they change their habits more easily.

When, after decades of being a workers paradise, Communism suddenly became a miserable and murderous (and unfashionable!) failure Liberals were very quick to abandon it in favor of the newer and more hip philosophy of Environmentalism and the science of Gaia Worship. Those slow-moving Conservatives haven't even gotten around to embracing Communism yet. Even after Liberals have abandon Environmentalism for the next ideological sure thing, those stogy Conservatives will, no doubt, still be clinging to 18th Century ideas of Liberty and Property Rights and Constitutional Republics.

It's like they just don't learn at all. Though, who 'they' is in the previous sentence might be up for debate.

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