Thursday, November 09, 2006


Predictions on the 2008 Election

Sadly, my co-blogger's predictions for the 2006 elections turned out to be optimistic. I am standing by my previous prediction for the 2008 election, however: tacky animated shirts will make their debut in political advertising.

Last year about this time I wrote a post "The Future of Tacky Clothing" in which I discussed what the development of wearable, washable touch sensitive and video display fabrics would mean for tacky holiday clothing options. In addition I speculated that they might also be used for wearable electronics, new fashions, and advertising. I also wrote "I wouldn’t be surprised if the technology for clothing with build-in wearable video displays arrives in time to produce some really interesting political T-shirts for the aught-eight presidential elections."

Since that post, Phillips has announced their development of the Lumalive light emitting textile product. Here is a great video demonstration. It looks like the animated political ad shirts are on schedule to be available for their first use by the 2008 campaigns. If only predicting the political world could be as easy.

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