Wednesday, November 08, 2006


2006 Election

So where is that delete button again?

Seriously, my predictions on the 2006 Midterms were based on the feel from the Republican front lines. I think Republicans did turn out in relatively strong numbers, the problem is some clearly voted for the Democrats.

I think you are looking at the disgust of the Republican base against their Washington leadership. Yes, Republicans want the War on Terror (which includes the War in Iraq) won, but they don’t want the porkbarrel spending and growth in government that the Republicans brought. If you are going to have that kind of waste from your party, why vote for them?

Democrats have woken up this morning and said all the right things about “a new direction” and “cooperating with the Republican majority to move the country forward.” It may happen; Democrats may finally contribute to a victory in Iraq rather than rooting for our defeat, they may finally stop comparing our military to Saddam’s secret police and those who ran Stalin’s gulags. With the leadership they are bringing in however (mostly hard-core liberals left over from the last time they held the House) I doubt it.

Who knows, I may be pleasantly surprised. And if you believe that, I have this nice bridge in Brooklyn to sell you, hardly ever been used…..

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