Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I Condemn the Murder of Innocents

There is news in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer (hattip: Instapundit) that Naveed Haq, who recently murdered one Jewish woman and attempted to murder more during a shooting spree at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, may have been a Christian. As a Christian, I want to announce publicly my condemnation of Naveed Haq's crime. Even if he was a Christian instead of a Muslim, as was first reported, that does not change the fact that his murderous attack was a terrible crime. I hope that the state of Washington is vigorous and effective in its pursuit of justice for the defenseless victims at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle. Instead of capturing and trying the murderer, however, I think it would have been better if one or more of the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle patrons had been armed and able to stop this crime sooner. In addition to saving lives, perhaps they could also have saved Washington taxpayers the cost of a trial.

I do not think that Naveed Haq's act was typical Christian behavior. As followers of Christ I think we should follow his example. I cannot imagine how someone would look at a "What Would Jesus Do?" bumper sticker and decide that the answer is "Walk into a Jewish community center and murder people." We should try to help people of other faiths understand Christ's love for them, but we should not attack them if they don't. We should love our neighbors even when we disagree with them about how best to worship God. Christians should work together with Jews to make our communities better. I hope that other Christians will join me in condemning the terrible attack against the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle and in praying for the family of the murder victim Pam Waechter, as well as for the speedy recovery of the other victims: Cheryl Stumbo, Dayna Klein, Carol Goldman, Layla Bush and Christina Rexroad. I hope that Jews will not think that Naveed Haq's horrible and inexcusable actions are representative of Christians or Christianity. If there are any Christian ministers who are preaching the murder of our Jewish neighbors, I hope that they either stop and repent, or else that they are driven out of positions of power within their churches. Lastly, if something like this ever happens again I hope that the murderous nutjob is stopped by police or armed citizens before he has a chance to hurt anybody else.

As a Christian remember that God is watching over children and fools. I believe that the shooter is a 'fool'...being mentally ill and likely unable to fully understand the consequences of his actions. His comments during and after the attack seemed more immature...albeit calculated...than from a person able to fully understand the consequences and pure terror he imposed upon other human beings. Keeping him incarcerated indefinately...for 'life'...i believe is appropriate at the very least. If he is condemned to death by our laws then so be it. I do not believe that God is condemning him, and I will not condemn him. If his innocence saved him and he converted to Christianity, it does not define then that his mental illness was cured. Neither does he loose his salvation because of this sin. He will suffer the consequences of his actions. Unfortunately, that may lead to his intentional death...unfortunately in the sense that he likely will not understand, in a way that would have prevented him from killing in the first place.

Because he will always be a danger to others he should be separated from the general population, either by incarceration or death.

How ironic it is that such events are allowed to occur (by God). This man is an innocent...a 'fool'...and many call for his death. We don't go around killing children that commit terrorizing crimes. I guess that's the ironic part.

I am a relative of one of the victims in the shooting attack at the Jewish Federation in Seattle.
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