Tuesday, August 22, 2006


An Attack on One is an Attack on All

Iran has attacked an Romanian oil platform. Romania is a member of Nato. Does a state of war now exist between Iran and the United States? Perhaps by traditional definitions. But then by traditional definitions a state of war should have begun when they invaded the sovereign soil of the United States by taking over our embassy. By traditional definitions "terrorists" who fight battles without clearly identifiable insignia to differentiate themselves from civilians are spies who should be hung to discourage the endangerment of non-combatants. I wonder what "world opinion" would say if Bush decided to start respecting that little bit of the laws of war so sacred to the Gitmo protesters. Apparently sovereignty and "international law" and diplomatic tradition are things that are either sacred or ignored depending on how useful it is politically to the person making the decision. Was it ever any other way?

Then again maybe it is like a jackup-rig or something else that is not considered a Romanian ship at sea, in which case... nervermind.

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