Monday, December 05, 2005


Online Movie Recommendation 17

This week's online movie recommendation is the first part of the World War 2 documentary "Why We Fight." Entitled "Prelude to War" it is found here:

It is interesting to watch this in light of our current Global War on Terror. Notice especially the detail it goes into about things like the "Black Dragons" in Japan, the refusal to take newspaper reports on foriegn events at face value, the use of the enemy's quotes against him, the explaination of how tyranny abroad affects our own national security, the explaination of the enemy's use of propaganda and his adopting the mantle of victimhood, and the failure of the free world (ourselves included) to address this threat when it was manageable. There is still a free world and a slave world, but where is the "Why We Fight" for our time? It would be easy enough to make one. Memri has done a lot of the background work on showing the true face of Islamofascism already. But we have no "Why We Fight" for our time. The Bush administration, without any Great Communicator, cedes the entire fight for popular opinion and appears careful not to challenge the shared elitist delusion we call "common knowledge" which bombards us from the lamestream media. Instead the Republicans seem content to let the bulk of "common knowledge" sit where it is (even as it protrays the Islamofascists as reasonable people and carefully hides any hint of radical muslim barbarity or reminders of the crimes they have committed against us and others) and just edge the public argument a little bit in their direction here and there. Do they fear that any politician who steps too far outside this set of shared assumptions will be branded as "crazy" and destroyed by the newsmedia regardless of the quality of their proof and soundness of their arguments? Is the Bush administration afraid they are too stupid to successfully defend the truth, or do they think we are too stupid to recognize reality when we finally see it on screen? Or worst are they stupid enough to believe what they read in the NY Times? Given their immigration and spending policies, I suspect some combination the latter two. It is a darn shame that a command economy advocate like FDR apparently had more confidence in the wisdom and good sense of the general American population than our supposedly market oriented Republicans.

I don't expect to see an official "Why We Fight," but it would be a great project for some independent film-maker who wanted to really do some good and make a name for himself by providing a well produced collection of evidence to support the things which much of the population outside of the blue liberal enclaves feels in their gut to be true. Well, guys?

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