Wednesday, October 26, 2005


How to Get No Useful Information

So, the American Society for Civil Engineers reports that America needs to spend a lot more money on Civil Engineering projects...

I notice my barber always thinks I need a haircut, too.

That doesn't mean I sometimes don't sometimes need a haircut, but it does mean that asking my barber doesn't get me any useful information about the real status of my hair. I suspect the ASCE report card may be a similar situation.

The next thing you know the teacher's unions will say we need to spend more money on schools and police associations will say we need to spend more money on law enforcement.

The next thing you know, virologists will be claiming that society needs to spend more to research avian flu.

That is just the tragedy of the commons. If all assetts are society's assetts, everyone will be competing for the same purse. That is one of many reasons why socialist nations tend to become backwater outposts.
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